Land For Sale in Panama Excellent Price!!

Prijs : USD 18.900
Grootte: 600 m² / 6.458 ft²
Adres: Gorgona Beach Plaza Toon kaart

Ecological surroundings and mountains /sea view

Size of Land: 8.3 Hectares or 21 Acres  (Located in Panama)

Ecological surroundings and mountains /sea view


-          Ideal for 5 Stars Hotel Project or over 500 Bed Rooms

-          Two adjoining Rivers plus a cascade alongside land

-          Few minutes drive from highway (highway going to USA and Canada)

-          Located 90 minutes from Panama Canal

-          2 Hours from the Giant Free Zone

-          3 hours drive from Costa Rica border.

-          Princes, actors of Bollywood and Hollywood, famous actors, artists, celebrities and high profile businessmen own land in Panama.

-          Located close to Bill Clinton’s Windmill Park

-          Close to Disneyland Envisaged Project

-          Foreigners can buy properties without any restrictions and their investment is protected by law.

-          Loans and funding supported in Panama for hotel projects

-          Land is totally free of debts/mortgage

-          If you have interest to purchase subdivided lots too.

-          Owner’s Group attorneys will assist for deed registration

-          Subdivided lots or entire land can be purchased (minimum size of lot is 600 m2 as legally required for deed registration.

-          PRICE: Excellent Price we sell all the 8.3 hectares or lots 600m2.

-          Contact us for prices, photos of land and all related details.



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