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Upper Ellington House is a luxurious project situated in Jumairah Lake Towers, best described for its tranquility and modern vibe with the estimated date of handover expected to be in Q1 2026 with the convenient 70-30 payment plan has engaged in a partnership with the Best Realtor of Dubai, Grace House Properties. 

The real estate in Upper House is freehold which means both local and international investors can purchase a residence here.

Units start at AED 750,828 for a studio, and 1,2,3 beds offer flexibility when considering residents. The high-rise elite residential complex has 31 floors and 5 podiums.

The Upper House by Ellington, features a wide range of residential amenities that provide a premium lifestyle to all residents. Sports enthusiasts, will appreciate a modern gymnasium, a skate park, and sports courts. There is also a spa and yoga zones, ideally suited for relaxation. Residents of the project can also enjoy a cinema, a multi-purpose room, a podcast room, a BBQ area, podium parking, a pet play area, retail spaces & a cafe, a clubhouse communal work zone, an indoor children's playground, Kids Splash Pad and much more.

Additional amenities will be a 121-ft lagoon-style pool in the Upper House development, it is on the podium level. The water will seemingly float in the outdoor entertainment area and is perfect for both lap swimming and relaxing. Residents will be able to enjoy the sun loungers, lush landscaping, and towering palm trees which will ensure a wonderfully calming experience.

Upper House offers an indoor entertainment hub, for all residents which consists of a kids' play area with toys, games, and books, catering to girls and boys of all ages. There is also the penthouse for everyone to enjoy on the roof deck. Here residents can use an elegant lounge space with a kitchenette and three outdoor lounge terraces. A working space, with a games room with pool and table tennis tables, are all provided in the penthouse for everyone to take advantage of.

Worthy to mention that the Upper Ellington House project is a state-of-the-art, modern collection of both residential and commercial units. This offers premium residences and a luxurious complex, with its strategic location, it gives easy access to a variety of attractions.

Grace House Properties has continually been working with its core value of exclusivity and commitment to providing probable client demands. As a deemed best realtor, Grace House has provided real estate services promoting safe and stable investment, sustaining effective solutions to guarantee profitable investment in the sector.

The Elegance of Upper House by Ellington, compliments, and works in parallel with Grace House Properties values and commitment to maintaining quality investment.

Upper Ellington House offers Apartments and Penthouse. They are sleek and modern. The design shows a better quality of life, with apartments of unique sizes and layouts with a home automation system that allows basic amenities like the door entrance, AC, and light to come alive via a mobile app, via Bluetooth. The penthouse is an elegant space with terraces and hotel-style furnishing for gathering and socialization. There is a working space with a game room, pool, tables, and a space dedicated to artists in residence with a gallery wall.

The Upper House is a representation of an area with a positive growth mark. The apartments are located at the center of diverse inter mutual spaces overlooking Jumeirah Island and Marina Skyline. Upper House makes the residents at the heart of a rejuvenated and constantly growing location. Ellington Upper House has a holistic internal design philosophy that has merge elements of nature with clean modernist design. It is a place that broadens horizons with a wealth of facilities, sociable interiors, and expansive views.

The Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT)is a large development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates which has towers being constructed along the edges of three artificial lakes (Lake Almas West, Lake Almas East, JLT Lake) as well as facing Jumeirah Islands. The total area covered by the lakes, waterways, and landscaping will be 730,000-square-metre. This area is sought after because of its impressive growth mark. JLT has an estimated resident population of around 60,000 and a working population of another 120,000; it will include five children's playgrounds, three mosques, a 55,000 m2 (590,000 sq ft) park a police station, a civil defense station, a hospital, and other facilities. There are two available Dubai metro stations along the site Sobha Realty (previously Dubai Marina) and DMCC(previously Jumeirah Lakes Towers) stations.

The convergence of Ellington Properties and Grace House Properties can only be expected with the delivery of Luxury and excellence consistently. With the continuous modern development of Upper House by Ellington, details of perfection on the property, amenities, and even location were considered. The project being developed in JLT made more meaning as the area boosted on its continuous growth and variety of offering on arts, entertainment, schools, and even medical facilities. This only shows the quality of collaboration that Grace House Properties works with, being mindful of Elegance, Luxury, and practicality all at the same time. Grace House Properties will continue to uphold alliance and collaboration with the at most integrity and timely delivery, so both partners and clients are assured of all excellent things happening on both their expectations and investment. Grace House Properties has been acknowledged as the Best Realtor in Dubai with the ability to be flexible in accommodating clients' requests, and ease on the documentation and payment schemes by providing realistic options and experienced advice. Grace house properties are boosting their ability to be on top of each and every project by being knowledgeable and transparent on project details and considerations hence convenient delivery can be experienced by the client getting the new property and the partner offering the property. Further details about this project can also be viewed, downloaded, and verified on both websites of Ellington Properties and Grace House Properties, and should assistance be required helplines are open 24/7 on all platforms for convenience. 


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